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Roof Trusses
Component truss systems save time, money, materials and work.

Unitized Manufacturing (2020) Ltd. designs and manufactures engineered roof systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings using MiTek® Sapphire software. All roof plans are designed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and are available with an engineers stamp where required. Designs may be enhanced to meet the building requirements of any jurisdiction.

The sophisticated MiTek® Sapphire software allows us to create engineered drawings for roof systems of any design. These engineered roof systems fit together neatly, are easy to erect and come with an easy-to-follow roof plan. They are engineered to create a superior product. We offer full customer support and are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

Let us make your perfect roof a reality.

  • Check over your plans and make sure everything adds up.
  • Send or bring your final plans to us.
  • Be sure to let us know if a sealed truss design drawing is required.
  • Remember we need time to review your plans, design the roof and engineer the trusses. The more time you can give us the better.
  • If you make any changes once production is scheduled, let us know right away.
  • Give us the exact location of the job site.
  • Always store trusses on a flat dry surface.

Looking to build a shed or a garage?

Unitized Manufacturing (2020) Ltd. manufactures stock trusses with a 4/12 slope in the following sizes: 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', 24', 26' and 28'.

You have questions? We have answers. Give us a call for your next project.